Compassionate. Honest. Humane. ​

About Us & Our Philosophy

Our cattle are raised their whole life on pasture and are grass-fed and grass finished. No antibiotics, growth hormone stimulants, or GMOs. We sell quality grass-fed beef.

Our Values

The health of our cattle and regenerating our land are our top priority.
We believe in restoring the land and providing clean and healthy protein sources. Through our grazing practices, we bring food to the table in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our Philosophy

The daily movement of our cattle mimics the movement of buffalo across the prairie generations ago.
By using mob/intensive grazing, the cattle are harvesting the energy from the top of the plants while their hooves push parts of the plant down into the soil and the cattle fertilize the soil with their manure and urine. This process regenerates the land by enhancing microbial life and capturing carbon. These practices help our cattle stay clean and healthy and results in a cleaner food source for the consumer.

Our Products

Our South Poll cattle are small-frame cattle bred to excel on a grass-based grazing system.
Their meat is tender and full of flavor. We do not use antibiotics, insecticidal wormers, growth hormone stimulants, or GMOs. Our cattle are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished.