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We raise quality grass-genetic South Poll cattle.

South Poll Cattle

South Poll cattle are bred to be slick-haired, small-framed cows with emphasis placed on high fertility, longevity, and calm disposition.
South Poll are a composite breed of cattle combining four maternal breeds: Red Angus; Hereford; Senepol; and Barzona. South Polls are bred to excel on a grass based grazing system. Originally bred for heat tolerance, we find that our South Polls thrive during Midwest summers and remain hearty through Nebraska winters. South Poll cattle can now be found in Nebraska and Iowa and from Texas to Southern Minnesota and based on our experience, we feel that the South Poll breed can be good producers in other states as well. South Poll cattle are also known for having great carcass qualities and are both tender and flavorful.

Our Breeding Stock

All of our cattle are broke to an electric fence and trained to move pastures daily. Our cattle require very low inputs, only requiring grass forages and minerals.
Bulls - Specific Bull Listing Coming Soon For 2022

Our bulls are docile, efficient grazers, and fertile breeders who produce excellent grass genetic offspring. Our bulls are born to breed and will breed through the height of summer heat. Our bulls mature at around 1100 – 1300 pounds.

Cows/Heifers - Sold Out
Our cows are bred for great mothering instinct, ease of calving, high fertility, calm disposition, and are aggressive foragers. Our females mature at around 900 – 1100 pounds.
Steers - Sold Out
South Poll steers have great carcass qualities, finish well on grass or forages only, have good dispositions, are easy to handle, and finish out around 900 – 1100 pounds.

Why People Love Us

Our breeding stock customers love our docile, fertile, and grass efficient South Poll cattle. Our beef customers love our delicious tender beef and the fact that our cattle are grown in a sustainable and humane manner.

Dan B .
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We bought a great bull from North Prairie Livestock. The bull is docile and got all my cows bred. Can’t wait to see when my cows calve in the spring.