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Meat For Sale

Our South Poll cattle are small-frame cattle bred to excel on a grass-based grazing system. Their meat is tender and full of flavor. We do not use antibiotics, insecticidal wormers, growth hormone stimulants, or GMOs. Our cattle are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished.


  • Chuck/Arm Roasts $8.50 per lb

    Our 100% grass-fed beef chuck or arm roasts are great in the crockpot or cooked low and slow in the oven.

  • Beef 7 Bone Chuck Roast $8.50 per lb

    Get ready for fall-off-the-bone tender meat with our 100% grass-fed beef 7 bone chuck roasts.

  • Beef Sirloin Tip Roast $8.50 per lb

    Perfect for sliced beef sandwiches, our 100% grass-fed sirloin tip roast is a crowd pleaser.

  • Beef Rump Roast $8.50 per lb

    Our 100% grass-fed rump roast makes delicious beef stew or can be sliced thin.


  • Beef Ribeye Steak $16 per lb

    Our bone-in 100% grass-fed beef ribeye steak is flavorful, tender, and juicy.

  • Beef New York Strip Steak $15 per lb

    Marbled, tender, and full-flavored, you cannot miss with our 100% grass-fed beef New York strip steak.

  • Beef T-Bone Steak $14 per lb

    Our 100% grass-fed beef t-bone steaks are fabulous grilled or broiled.

  • Beef Sirloin Steak $15 per lb

    Perfect for sliced beef sandwiches, our 100% grass-fed sirloin tip roast is a crowd pleaser.

  • Beef Filet Migon $24 per lb

    Our 100% grass-fed beef filet mignon is a family favorite. Get ready for a real treat.

Hamburger & Hot Dogs

  • Ground Hamburger Sale $7.50 per lb for 5 lbs or more; 5 lbs or less $8.50 per lb

    Our 100% grass-fed ground beef makes delicious hamburgers, meatballs, meatloaf, tacos, and more.

  • Hamburger Patties $13.25 (4 - 6.5 oz Patties)

    Save some steps and head straight to the grill with packages of our hamburger patties.

  • Hot Dogs $9 per lb

    Our 100% grass-fed beef hot dogs are great on the grill.

  • Beef Jerky $4.50 per 4 oz bag

    Our 100% grass-fed beef jerky makes a fantastic and easy high protein snack.

Organs & Bones

  • Beef Tongue $6 per lb

    Our 100% grass-fed beef tongue is well-marbled.

  • Beef Liver $3.5 per lb

    Our 100% grass-fed beef liver makes wonderful pâté.

  • Beef Oxtail $7 per lb

    Our 100% grass-fed beef oxtail is great in soups.

  • Beef Bone $4 per lb

    Our 100% grass-fed beef bone is perfect as a start for broths.

  • Beef Soup Bone $5 per lb

    Our 100% grass-fed beef meaty soup bones are great in soups and broths.

Custom Bulk Order

Whole, Half & Quarter Beef

$4.30 per hanging weight pound.

Our hanging weights vary between 600-900 lbs.

Local processors average charges are a flat $85.00 butcher fee plus $.85 per lb per hanging weight for processing.  We use small local USDA inspected facilities.  The customer pays North Prairie Livestock Company $4.30 per hanging weight pound.  Then the customer pays the processor an $85.00 flat fee plus $.85 per hanging weight pound.  

We have a limited number of openings for whole, half, and quarter beef. Please contact us for an advance order. We can help you with your custom order.

Steps To Order

Step 1

Determine what you wish to order.
Select the cuts of beef and approximate weight of the beef you wish to order.

Step 2

Call or Text us at (402) 616-7417 Or Email at info@northprairielivestock.com.
Contact us with what you would like to order and with any questions that you have. We are happy to help with suggestions regarding your order.

Step 3

Order pick-up by appointment.
Convenient pick-up locations in Omaha and Blair, Nebraska.

Why People Love Us

Our breeding stock customers love our docile, fertile, and grass efficient South Poll cattle. Our beef customers love our delicious tender beef and the fact that our cattle are grown in a sustainable and humane manner.

Megan L .
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Great to work with when we bought our half. They made the process easy. The beef was great!
Kurt C .
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We love the taste of the hamburger – so natural and fresh.
Suzie H .
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We ordered a quarter of beef to try and it was fantastic. We were happy to find a grass fed beef source that was local and used organic farming practices. The ordering process was easy and we were able to customize our packing to meet our family’s needs. They were very knowledgeable about how to adjust cooking to maximize the flavor. Don’t be intimidated at all - it cooked up great! We will be ordering more for sure!
Sarah D.
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Supporting local, humanely-raised livestock is the right choice. North Prairie does the right thing from an environmental and animal stewardship perspective and that matters. My family members rave about the tenderness and taste of the meat -- specifically the roasts. Thank you North Prairie. We will never go back to buying beef from the store!